It is my pleasure to welcome you to the West Greene School District website. The West Greene School District has an enrollment of about 700 students living in the nine most western townships of Greene County, Pennsylvania. Our schools are all located on one campus and have just recently moved into one building. West Greene encompasses 256 square miles and is located in the southwest corner of the state.

Our Board of Education, faculty, and staff are committed to providing a quality education to our students in an effort to help them to prepare for their future. The schools at West Greene are fortunate to have a dedicated faculty and staff who provide quality instruction. The District remains committed to continuous improvement and high expectations for all staff and students.

Our goal is to have students reach their fullest potential and to create opportunities for them to enhance their decision-making progression towards a career choice. Our academic program allows us to challenge all students with a curriculum that fosters critical thinking and learning experiences that inspire students to become life-long learners.

West Greene provides a student-centered, data-informed, decision-making process along with research-based practices to establish and to modify our curriculum towards continual improvement. Our staff is continuing to work to the challenge of preparing our students to perform successfully on state required assessments while maintaining the importance in preparing our students for the next level. The schools are revising curriculum, developing new courses, and offering integrated technology education in our classes to provide greater learning opportunities for our students. The West Greene Online Academy offers cyber courses for both cyber students and students enrolled at West Greene. West Greene also offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses, dual enrollment courses, and career and technical education in preparation for our students’ post-secondary choices.

Along with academic programs, West Greene offers an assortment of fine arts instruction, clubs, organizations, events, and athletics for a wide range of student participation. Numerous social-emotional services are available to our students as well.

As a graduate of West Greene, as well as a life-long member of the community, I am encouraged with the direction of the district and its commitment to our students. For the past thirteen years, I worked in the California Area School District. Although I was employed in Washington County, my wife Crystal and I have chosen to reside in West Greene and to have our five children attend its schools. Before working in Washington County, I worked twenty-one years at West Greene as a Social Studies teacher and later as the High School Principal. Needless to say, I am very familiar with the district, and it is nice to be back. Thank you for visiting our website.


Brian R. Jackson

Superintendent of Schools

West Greene School District