Spotlight On: Mrs. Erin Shiflett, Second-Grade Teacher

Mrs. Erin Shiflett, second-grade teacher and West Greene alumna, was inspired to become a teacher by her own West Greene teachers. After earning a master’s degree in elementary education and multi-categorical special education from West Virginia University, she returned to her alma mater to inspire future generations of students.

Shiflett has always loved the extended family feeling that West Greene offers. She is actively involved in the lives of her students in the school and in the community, and sometimes her students see her seven days a week.

Although she was hesitant to read the Harry Potter series, Shiflett was enthralled by them when she finally did start them. She found herself unable to put the books down and would stand in long lines at midnight when the next book was released to get her copy.

Shiflett spends much of her free time hiking with her family on trails near their home. It might surprise people to know that she is quite strong; Shiflett is able to climb a 40-foot rope and complete physical obstacles designed to train people competing in extreme, physically-taxing races.